Services - Waterford Integration Services

Delivered in partnership with HSE Social Inclusion Southeast through engagement with Community Knowledge Healthcare Workers who provide peer supports, information and access to mainstream health services.

  • Health Promotion
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Sexual Health Promotion
  • Gender based Health
  • FGM & Male GM
  • Health & Human Rights
  • Regional Human Trafficking Supports
  • Intercultural Health Awareness & Training

Includes supports to individuals and families living in Direct Provision Centres and to those who are furthest removed from accessing services. Remote supports are person-centred and identified through evidence based needs.

  • Advocacy Supports
  • Referrals to other Services
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Youth Initiatives
  • Citizenship
  • Information Sessions on accessing appropriate Services

Supports include access to basic skills such as English Language Learning through a range of levels to increase opportunity to engage in employment and integration opportunities. 

  • Peer led Education Programmes (Accredited & Non-accredited)
  • Enterprise based Programmes
  • Employment based Programmes
  • Health based Programmes (accredited)
  • IT Skills
  • Training Initiatives
  • Employment Progression
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Migrant Volunteer Bureau Programme (MVBP)
  • Social Enterprise Opportunities

Since 2013 we have been engaged in providing supports for Roma communities under our Vulnerable Immigrants banner in association with HSE Social Inclusion Southeast & Waterford Roma Interagency Group.

  • Roma Advocacy service (with Romanian speaking Worker)
  • Translation & Interpretative Services
  • Weekly Roma Information Clinic
  • English Language Classes for Roma Women & Roma Men
  • Child & Family Supports
  • Liaison with Schools & Families of Learners
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Programme
  • Training Initiatives
  • Enterprise Development
  • Informing Policy, Procedures & Best Practice
  • Professionalisation of Work Standards & Ethics
  • Information (Workshop & Session based)
  • Advocacy through Outreach Supports
  • Integration through Programmes
  • Legal Services through Referrals
  • Research & Development
  • Community Development Principles
  • Human Rights based Approaches
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